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CaroGuimus9 - Robotic Dog Museum Guide for Blind Children (and Adults)

Dog Talking Book

(since January 12th 2017)

An interactive Talking Book Museum Guide
for Blind Children (and Adults)
to be consulted through numeric pad wi-fi

dated December 13th 2018
First Caroguimus9 Video Kit in english language

VIDEO 01 Caroguimus9 - Icoxilòpoli / Icoxilòpoli_02 / xilo_004_01 / caroguimus9_video_kit_en_001 / Alessia FERRARO,Poliphilus in the ruins. The Myth of the Founding of Rome



Video 00 recorded on November 28th 2018 in the Audiovisual Laboratory for Spectacle of “Centro Teatro Ateneo” - SAPIENZA Università di Roma by Donatella VALENTINO under direction of Alessandra BERTUZZI Ph.D.a of History of Art reading the text Poliphilus in the Ruins. The Myth of the Founding of Rome by Alessia FERRARO, Master's Degree in History of Art, available also as PDF translated in English language by Giulia Martina Weston




key 01 = Lizard

key 02 = Rebirth

key 03 = Wisdom




key 04 = Fortune

key 05 = Lust

key 06 = Telluric Fire




key 07 = Rome

key 08 = Ruinism

key 09 = Oval Basin

Thanks internal to SAPIENZA:

Magnifico Rettore SAPIENZA Università di Roma Ill. Prof. Eugenio GAUDIO, Ill. Prof. Stefano ASPERTI, Ill. Prof. Domenico DE MASI (Emeritus), Ill. Prof. Marina RIGHETTI, Ill. Prof. Maurizio CALVESI (Emeritus), Prof. Vito DI BERNARDI, Prof. Guido DI PALMA, Prof. Marco RUFFINI, Prof. Luca RUZZA and Prof. Valentina VALENTINI.
Technician Dr. Pietro SIDONI.

Thanks external to SAPIENZA:

Alessandro BUCCI who believed in the “BTA – Bollettino Telematico dell'Arte” since I found it in the 1994 giving hospitality to the magazine in his BBS Caesarnet in Fidonet technology and then generously offered up to now web connectivity that allows the online transmission in the Internet network giving hospitality to the magazine in its: Alessandro BUCCI he was the only Sysop of the BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) active in Rome who contacted me in 1994 drawing my attention to the importance of contents for Computer technology. From the positive entropy synergy with Alessandro BUCCI and from the experimentation with the scripts of his BBS Caesarnet created by him specifically for the BTA, the BTA itself was born. Thank to Alessandro BUCCI for having been able to anticipate the future and have believed in the potential of Rome as an open computer science city since 1994.

Dr.ssa Prof. Cristina Carletti Ph.D. that strongly wanted the Registration of the BTA as a Multi-Weekly Magazine at the Court of Rome on the far July 11th 2000.

“Zero-blind person” for inviting me in the faraway June 08th 2007 to the first “dark dinner” in my life from which my idea of ​​the Pseudo-Braille RGB 3D Tablets was born for both blind and visually impaired Children (and Adults) in the Dark Museale Camera
Please read: Stefano COLONNA (2017), CaRoGuiMus9 Cane Robotico Guida Museale per Bambini (e Adulti) non vedenti alias Baurora, in "Lettera Orvietana", n. 48-49, ago. 2017, p. 2. Supplemento al BISAO, "Bollettino dell'Istituto Storico Artistico Orvietano", LXVIII-LXX (2016). ISSN 0391-8211.
(Excerpt:),Stefano-2017-CaRoGuiMus9-Lettera_Orvietana_n.48-49,ago.2017-Estratto.pdf,Stefano-2017-CaRoGuiMus9-Lettera_Orvietana_n.48-49,ago.2017.pdf (Full Edition)

Dr. Guido FAGGION for making the logo of Caroguimus9 using the basic Freepik logo

Dr. Prof. Andrea CHIARIELLO Researcher and Adjunct Professor of (SSD: ING-IND/31) Electrotechnics of the Second University of Naples, Aversa, Italia for the advice provided to me generously to choose the model of Jelly Comb wifi numeric keypad I purchased with personal private funds on on December 15th, 2017 and then used for the First Interactivity Experiment by DogTalkingBook of Caroguimus9 on March 19th, 2018, at 16:00

Dr. Prof. Arch. in Rome Piero MEOGROSSI, Creator of the archaeological-topographical reading of Rome through the corresponding geo-astronomical Axis Urbis to Dies Natalis Urbis (April 21th) who introduced me to many friends allied in the Battle of Love in a Dream

Dr. Francesco Maria DELLA CIANA, since 1998 Vice-President of the ISAO - “Istituto Storico-Artistico Orvietano” of Orvieto and Director Responsible for Publishing of the same and therefore also of the periodical “Lettera Orvietana” edited by ISAO.

DogTalkingBook Referents:
AUDIO Responsible: Dr. Alessandra BERTUZZI Ph.D.a in History of Art - Department SARAS - History, Anthropology, Religions, Art and Spectacle of SAPIENZA; Gaia CARACÒ, Damiana ENEA, Alessia FERRARO, Daniela ORLANDI (both for the calculation of the time of fruition of the reference museum artwork), Simona PACE, Dr. Prof. Michela RAMADORI Ph.D. History of Art (definition of the numeric key menu) and Donatella VALENTINO.

Icoxilòpoli Project - General Page in BTA - Bollettino Telematico dell'Arte

Icoxilòpoli 1:
Loredana ANGIOLINO and Cristina MOCHI for having presented together with Stefano COLONNA the Icoxilòpoli Project on June 23th 2016 to Perla PEDRETTI URP Manager and delegate of the Aurora RANIOLO director.

For the Book DE NAEVIA et AMORE (Icoxilòpoli 1)
Anna BOLZONI (Editor), Paola BOLZONI (Library), Prof. Massimo ARCANGELI (Director of the Collection “Biblioteca di Cultura”, n. 746), Maurizio CATARINOZZI (Editing), Erminia Dell'Oro (which suggested a diplomatic edition of the Latin text by Evangelista Maddaleni Capodiferro awaiting a future critical philological edition of the same), Maria FILIPPONE COLONNA (†), (Italian translation of the most important verses of the Latin text by Capodiferro, Concept of Epic Pastoral); Prof. Fabio FORNER (Preface), Francesca GRAUSO (Biblioteca Comunale Augusta di Perugia), Ingrid D. ROWLAND (Introduction).

Icoxilòpoli 2:
Alessandra BERTUZZI, Elisabetta CAPUTO, Stefano COLONNA, Lydia CONTINO CORRARELLO, Yuri CHUNG, Francesco DE SANTIS, Flavia DE NICOLA, Alessia DESSì ed Erica POLEGRI.

Icoxilòpoli 2 - GENERAL LIST OF POLIPHILUS XILOGRAPHS (activated in the academic 2013/2014) (in Italian language) edited by Yuri CHUNG and Erica POLEGRI, published November 26th 2017:

Icoxilòpoli 2 - plan of the work (in Italian language) (updated November 24th 2017)

Museology module (Museum Robotics) - Three-year Degree Course in Performing Arts and Spectacle of Prof. Stefano COLONNA - a.a. 2017/2018 - Semester II - Code INFOSTUD 1035790 - Scientific Disciplinary Sector: L-ART/04: Museology and Art Critic and Restoration. Classes are held in the glorious Hall III of the Department SARAS - History, Anthropology, Religions, Art and Spectacle - Section Art of SAPIENZA Università di Roma - Building of “Lettere e Filosofia” (ground floor after climbing the entrance staircase), Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 - 00185 Roma - Italia, Italy

Angelo CALABRIA Angelo Calabria in art ACA founder of Artistic Sequenzialism and author of the Museal Robotic's Banner (January 23th 2017).

CaroGuimus9 - Robotic Dog Museum Guide for Blind Children (and Adults). Research Group Dedicated to the memory of Prof. Corrado Maltese and activated on June 14th 2016 at the Teaching of Museology and Art Critic and Restoration of Dr. Prof. Stefano Colonna Ph.D.

The Video set 01 - First Caroguimus9 Video Kit in english language (caroguimus9_video_kit_en_001) of Donatella VALENTINO was published at the highest resolution on December 11th 2018 INFO in HTML, MP4 in the “BTA - Bollettino Telematico dell'Arte” ISSN 1127 - 4883. The kit includes the video 00 and the keys from 1 to 9 included for a total of 10 video files freely usable via numeric keypad wi-fi by the makers of Caroguimus9 as long as quoting and linking the source.

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