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BTA FAQ - frequently asked questions

english translation by
Francesca Romana Orlando

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1.1 - Who reads the BTA ?
    With the review, BTA - Telematic Art Bulletin, wants to reach all people interested in culture, in order to divulge art in a scientific way.
    With Arte on line, the inter-universitarian network of history of art, BTA means to reach the Art Research Institution all over the world, by using Internet, in order to give a contribution to the use of the human and scientific resources.
1.2 - What are the areas ?
    BTA is divided into different areas of subject for practical reasons, however, it is possible to reach all of them quite quickly because of the hypertexual structure of the Bulletin.
1.3 - Does BTA show images ?
    BTA is complitely multimedial: it has high definition colored images as well as musical and vocal sounds or video spots.
1.4 - Which are the languages used by BTA ?
    Italian as the national language and english as the international language. Some articles are accepted if written in french, spanish or german only if the have the translation in italian and in english.
1.5 - How can I know what the news are ? 1.6 - Where to send the press releases ?
    To the BTA press office, where you can have information of many kinds, such as images to publish in an article, news, etc...
2.1 - Who can write for BTA ?
    The contributors who signed for registration.
2.2 - Who can become a contributor for BTA ?
    All people involved in culture, in particular university students, as long as the accept to see thier ideas travel around the world, signing the BTA registration form and the book of the rules.
2.3 - Are there any obliges for the contributors ?
    They should write at list an article to be considered as "active contributors". The collaboration is free and voluntary.
2.4 - Is there any moral advantage for the contributors ?
    Many, of course: without contributors there wouldn't be any BTA at all !!! Many projects and ideas can start from an article.
2.5 - Are there any practical advantages for the contributors ?
    Every active contributor has a contributor-code, a personal BTA card and a personal page on Internet with its own address. In this page he/she can show his/her curriculum vitae, that will be read by public from all over the world.
2.6 - How much it costs to become a contributor for BTA ?
    To join BTA is absolutely free
2.7 - Are collaborations payed ?
    No. To read the BTA is free so collaborations are not payed.
2.8 - How can I become a contributor for BTA ? 3.1 - Who should I send my request to ? 3.2 - What should I write in the request ?
    You could send a contribute, such as an article, the release of an art exhibition, an interview to an artist or to a museum manager as well as scientifical essays of art history or art criticism, that are always very welcomed.
3.3 - What should I never write ?
    You can not advertise anything, neither directedly nor undirectedly. This does not mean that you can not write about artists who are selling in a commercial art gallery.
3.4 - Is there a maximun lenght for the articles ?
    No, there is not. But there is a minimum lenght of 2000 strokes. BTA, in fact, refuses a kind of information without comment.
3.5 - How can I send articles ?
    To the e-mails shown in the page specified.
    It is always better to use e-mail.
    If you send a floppy disk, use the format HD 1,44 MB.
    Remember to use a protection for the disks in order to save the magnetic support.
    Use universal formats such as HTML or RTF (Rich Text format).
4.1 - Who are the editors ?
    Collaborators who give a strong contribute to the life of BTA or to supplements or special numbers.
4.2 - Is there a good reason to enter the editorial staff ?
    Yes, you could take decisions in the BTA life, not only by writing articles.
4.3 - Is there any moral advantage for the editors ?
    Yes, you can win in a cultural world, where the market logic prevails, by the strenght of ideas and good culture.
4.4 - Are there any practical advantages for the editors ?
    Yes, you can win in a cultural world, where the market logic prevails, by the strenght of ideas and good culture.
4.5 - What are the general requirements to join the BTA ?
  • You should become an active contributor by writing at least an article and
  • you should have an e-mail.


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