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TEXTS 300-399

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    BTA00382.html Sarenco. Word, image, behaviour
    Giuseppe Carrubba, Prato, Italy, 2th December 2004, n. 382

    BTA00374.html The work of art between painting, fashion and design. The poetics of pop images in the art of Romero Britto
    Giuseppe Carrubba, Prato, Italy, 31th August 2004, n. 374

    BTA00325.html A "Fallensteller" travels through Milan
    Marco Enrico Giacomelli, Pianoro - BO, Italy, 10th June 2003, n. 325

    BTA00317.html The Electronic Juggler. Nam June Paik and the invention of video art
    Marco Enrico Giacomelli, Pianoro - BO, Italy, 9th March 2002, n. 317

    BTA00311.html A Crucifixion of the "Master of the Presepio" in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum
    Luigi Agus, Tempio Pausania - SS, Italy, 9th December 2002, n. 311


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