Luca Patella

Luca Patella is an artist who has been working since the 50s, years in which he has been trying traditional techniques and not, like photographic etching with simultaneous colours. It's rather difficult to define an artist who makes use of so different techniques like water-colour, lithography, photography, film... computer. Patella got through scientific studies (Structural Chemistry) which have characterized his artistic production; he writes scientific and fancy essays ("IO SONO QUI",I'm here) and psycoanalitic books on Duchamp and Diderot (DEN & DUCH disenameled). Patella doesn't limit his art only in a plain research and evolution of a style, that is something definite and for ever to be repeated, his analysis goes on through a plurality of means and languages, which, after being studied and practised seriously, are put aside in favour of an everlasting research and learning...

Laura D'Andria

Wrong Bed

On observing Duchamp's ready made "Apolinaire enameled", Patella has revealed the structural and chromatic short circuit of the bed, put it in the space and has considered as test-object of Duchamp's unconscious.


"Are you ready made"? unconscious in a suitcase, a female figure, the inner compulsion of the artist who aims at the armony of what is opposite, male and female, burning feeling and cooling, rationalizing thought, this is what an artist must aim at.


Authentic "ready made", made of every day cooking objects. By moving a small lever in a ladle there appears an evocative sunset with shades of red, a colour which becomes shining, at the same time, in the eyes of a cat too. Rubedo is what we can read between its paws, colour red and with precise alchemic meanings.

Mysterium Coniunctionis

The mystery of a conjunction... the whole sky; arcane symbolical objectification of the cosmic genesis. The skies inside the cups, the original skies of Louis XIV, are confronted, by Patella, whith modern skies. The cups with the heads and the head cups (in the physiognomical vases).

Laura D'Andria